ATM Programs - Already Have An ATM ?


This program is designed for those customers who currently own or have an ATM that you are looking to get connected to the banking network.

How this Works

When and if your current ATM contract expires we reprogram your ATM then set you up with your own username and password to connect to the processing website. This allows you to:

  • Monitor your ATM in real-time from any internet connection
  • Generate reports for your ATM on its usage
  • Verify bank settlements
  • Manage cash loading
  • Track profits
  • Free ATM Monitoring
  • No charge for reprogramming
  • No fees for life of processing agreement
  • FREE receipt paper
  • FREE 24/7 phone tech support
  • FREE labor support on most first line maintenance issues
  • FREE Signage and ATM Decals
  • Instant Text message "low cash" or "malfunction" alerts

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