Cash for Finding Locations

Want to make some quick easy money?

Convenience ATMs Inc is always on the lookout for new profitable locations.  If you know of a business or a location interested in acquiring an ATM machine you can be paid up to $250 for each accepted referral.

Each location must pre-qualify and a 5 year contract signed by an authorized individual is required prior to you receiving your referral money.  Certain restrictions apply to the referral fee.  Call us for more details.

Making money is simple:

  • Download our Sample Contract Agreement between ATM owner and Store Location
  • Canvass your area for ATM locations, checkout our "List of Locations to Place ATMs"  for examples of where to look.
  • Meet with the owner or person authorized to have an ATM placed in that location.
  • Have the location agreement signed and/or have location call Convenience ATMs with any questions.
  • Convenience ATMs will pre-qualify the location.
  • If Convenience ATMs approves the location, we pay you your referral fee upon installation of the ATM.