Free ATM Placement Program

Business Owners:

  • Do you want to increase sales and attract more business?
  • Would you like more CASH business and less credit card business?
  • Would you like to stop paying high merchant account fees and stop losing 2-4% on each credit card transaction?
  • Do you want the benefits of having an ATM without the hassles of purchasing, installing, programming, monitoring, and filling it with YOUR own money?
  • If you answered yes to any of the questions above then our ATM Placement Program is right for you.

Placement Program:

  • Your business is provided with an ATM machine FREE of charge
  • We install the machine at your location
  • We service and maintain the ATM machine 
  • We pay ALL processing fees
  • We provide signage and decal packages
  • We replenish the ATM with cash and PAY YOU a commission on each surcharged withdrawal

** Placement program is not available in some areas or locations, certain requirements must be met to qualify for free placement