Tranax/Hantle ATMs

Hantle 1700W

$ 2,065.00

800 note fixed cassette (1000 and 1700 note removable cassette available), 7 inch color LCD display, 2 inch thermal printer, 56k baud modem or TCP/IP, manual combination lock (electronic lock optional), optional high brightness topper, UL 291 Business hours cabinet. Dimensions: 17" wide, 23" deep, 56" high. **Integrated lighted topper.

Hantle t4000

$ 5,595.00

The Hantle t4000 ATM provides an economical, high performance through-the-wall solution with the look and feel of an actual bank ATM.

Hantle C4000

$ 2,885.00

The Hantle C4000 combines the 'best in class' convergence between ATM and self-service functionality. Built standard with features such as a 10.4" High-Resolution color LCD, both modem and integrated Ethernet (SSL) communications and a wide variety of dispensing options, the C4000 provides the perfect hardware platform on which to implement innovative new services and potential revenue streams for ATM owners.