Location Evaluation

ATM placement is the key to whether your ATM is an ok investment or a great investment.  Often times ATMs are placed in locations where the foot traffic is poor, where the machine location within a store is not optimum, or the machine is placed too close to a competitor's machine.  It is important to evaluate many different factors when deciding where and if you should place an ATM. Convenience ATMs Inc has the experience to analyze locations and make an educated guess based on our company's history of placements of hundreds of machines.  With this knowledge we can help guide you to the best possible ATM placement.  Call our toll free support line or email one of our company's specialists, they will ask you a number of questions about your prospective location and within minutes will be able to provide you with a guestimate of the number of transactions your location will provide each month along with its potential for profit.  This is all part of Convenience ATMs "consultative" approach to doing business.

Based on our company's history of placements Convenience ATMs has provided below an average estimate range for several popular types of ATM locations:

Location Type  Guestimate of Monthly Transactions
 Gas Station  350 - 600
 Convenience Store  250 - 500
 Bar / Nightclub  150 - 400
 Office Building  75 - 200
 Highrise Condo Building  75 - 200
 Skating Rinks etc  100 - 300
 Tourist Gift Shops  200 - 450
 Hotels (based on # of rms)  approx 1 transaction per room per month

The numbers in the table above are averages based on historical data from various ATM portfolios.  Each individual location is unique and may have unique factors which may improve upon these numbers such as no ATMs nearby or a "cash only" establishment.  Please call or email for your personal location evaluation.