Free Leads Service

With any purchase of an ATM from Convenience ATMs Inc you are provided with a FREE lead service for your next ATM placement.  Convenience ATMs gets hundreds of phone calls and e-mail requests for placements of ATMs EVERY MONTH, some locations we place our own machines but most others we pass on to our customers.  Heres how it works:


  • Convenience ATMs receives a call or e-mail request from a location perhaps a convenience store owner who is looking to have an ATM placed in their store.

  • The owner does not want to buy the machine or put money in the machine, he has enough to do with running his store, he just wants a small commission from transactions from the ATM.

  • Convenience ATMs takes all his pertinent location information and tells the owner an associate will be contacting him soon about placement.

  • Convenience ATMs then looks at our database of customers and matches the location/convenience store owner with our customer who is in the closest proximity to the store.

  • Convenience ATMs contacts our customer and passes along the lead information FREE of charge.

  • Our customer then has the option of qualifying the location and deciding if they want to place one of their machines in that location.

This type of service would normally cost up to $800 per lead, as an extra added benefit to our customers we provide this service for FREE.  We do this because we know as a loyal customer you will buy your machines from us when we are giving you free leads now and into the future.