Triton ATMs

Triton Argo 7.0

$ 2,599.00

Triton is introducing its first-ever touchscreen ATMs with the Argo line — including a low-end model with a 7-inch touchscreen interface.

Triton Traverse

$ 2,545.00

Triton Traverse Tritons newest ATM!!! Single 1000 note GenMega dispenser (SDD dispenser optional), 58mm thermal printer, 56k baud modem or TCP/IP, 8 inch LCD...

Triton FT5000

$ 7,295.00

This ATM has the look and feel of a bank machine in an economical through-the-wall solution. Higher transaction volumes through increased reliability and up time from the use of proven, low maintenance components. Whether installed as a walk-up or drive-through, the Triton FT5000 offers solid, weatherized construction while its compact architecture allows flexibility in mounting.�