GenMega GT3000

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GenMega's version of the thru the wall retail ATM The GT 3000 is small weather resistant and perfect for tight spaces. Two dispenser options, optional rear service panel. TCP/IP capable, 7inch color LCD screen, electronic lock standard. Fully ADA compliant.

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Full Description

Genmega introduces the GT3000 series through-the-wall ATM. Designed and intended as a true through-the-wall machine, the GT3000 retains all the features and options of a retail floor model ATM in a small, compact weather resistant chassis, perfect for tight spaces, Kiosks or anywhere location space is valuable. The GT3000 uses a 7" high-resolution wide-screen LCD, 2" receipt printer and can be ordered with a fixed cassette or rear-load removalble cassette dispenser. There is also an optional Rear service-panel to provide secure loading and management fuctions. While the small footprint TTW chassis is all new, the GT3000 serial ATM uses existing Genmega components, so service and maintenance remain easy and familiar. The GT3000 provides an economical through-the-wall solution.



Height: 35.8
Width : 15
Depth : 30


7 inch diagonal 32-bit bolor
Backlit TFT LCD panel
800x480 Resolution
Customizable Ad Screens
16-key alphanumeric keypad
PCI/Interac Certified
Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP


56Kb Internal Model
TCP/IP Ethernet - SSL


UL291 Business Hours Vault
Dial or Electronic Lock

Other Features

Integrated Illuminated Sign
High Visiblility LED Sign
Attract Customers

Samsung 32-bit CPU
64MB RAM / WinCE 5.0
Card Reader
DIP Type card reader
EMV Optional
Voice Guidance
Lighted Transaction Guidance
Accessible Keypad Layout

Cash Dispenser
800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU)
1700 Note Rear-Load Removable Cassette