Hantle 1700W

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800 note fixed cassette (1000 and 1700 note removable cassette available), 7 inch color LCD display, 2 inch thermal printer, 56k baud modem or TCP/IP, manual combination lock (electronic lock optional), optional high brightness topper, UL 291 Business hours cabinet. Dimensions: 17" wide, 23" deep, 56" high. **Integrated lighted topper.

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Full Description

The Hantle 1700 Series ATM represents an unsurpassed value in retail ATMs. With its modern, elegant design, matched with the reliability, security and durability you expect, the 1700 Series offers the best value in its class. While targeted for lower transaction volume retail markets, the 1700 still contains all the important features you expect including; TDES and ADA compliance, VISA certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice guidance system, LED action indicators including keypad light for dark location. Additionally, the 1700 comes standard with other quality features including the choice of a 5.7 inch Monochrome or Color LCD panel (custom ad screens can be loaded), 56K modem, and an integrated lighted topper. Weighing in over 200 lbs, the solid construction of the 1700 (UL291 Business Hour) provides a secure vault while offering a modular construction for ease of access and maintenance.



Height: 56
Width : 16
Depth : 22


Triple DES compliant Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP)
PCI Certified (approval number 4-70003) / Interac Certified (Canada)
Tamper resistant design erases all programming and stored master keys if opened
16 keys with integrated Braille symbols
0 9 for numeric entry
Left and right arrows for scrolling


Power switch
110 / 220 volts (manual selection)
60 / 50Hz
175 watts (max)
Fuse protection

110 /220VAC Manual switch

Requires dedicated phone line
RJ-11 phone jack

Compatible with most 3rd party wireless devices
Consult with your transaction processor for approved devices


Standard1 (Tranax Spec)
Standard2 (CSP200 emulation)
Standard3 (Extended Message Format)

Other Features

ARM 7 - 32-bit processor
32MB RAM (not expandable)
Embedded Operating System
56Kb modem
Electronic Journal stores up to 40,000 transactions

2 inch thermal printer
Automatic paper loading and cutting
Paper out status sensor

Friction feed mechanism
Dispense capacity of 800 notes (fixed, top loading cassette)
Optional 1000 and 1,700 note removable cassette dispensers
Reject bin
Double detection sensor
Cash dispensing unit is mounted on a sliding panel for easy service

Dip type
Reads ISO tracks 1 and 2
EMV (Optional)

The front bezel assembly consists of a front bezel, LCD module, key pad module, magnetic card reader module, ADA voice guidance jack, and a locking mechanism
The front bezel assembly slides in and out and also hinges forward for maintenance

Top Cabinet

The top cabinet houses a main control board, power supply, receipt printer, and a front bezel assembly
The main control board, power supply, receipt printer paper, and front bezel assembly are mounted on a sliding tray, which also hinges forward for easy maintenance and service
Include an Integrated illuminated topper

UL291 business hour certified
UL listed combination lock
Handle and combination lock are covered by a plastic bezel
Four floor mounting holes
Reinforced bottom plate