Mobile Security Enclosure

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The mobile security kiosk is specifically designed to deter "smash and grab" bandits and includes all the security features of larger tower units. Includes an anti ram base plate, 1/2 inch clear lexan protective panel to protect from rain and inclement weather. Choice of finishes available include acrylic enamel with corrosion resistant epoxy primer or powder coated. Optional equipment includes flourescent overhead light and thermostat controlled ventillation system. Constructed with 10 gauge steel with additional 1/4 inch steel base plate. weighs approx 400lbs. 26.5 inches wide x 31.5 inches deep x 60.5 inches high. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Price of shipping not included.


Full Description

-Designed to be secured with 5/8" anchor bolts

-Includes Anti-Ram base plate

-1/2" clear protective panel

-Constructed of 10 gauge steel and features a 1/4" steel base plate

-*Concrete based bollard posts are recommended for outside deployment

-*ATM machine sold seperately

-Compatible with most 'Standalone ATMs'

    -GenMega G2500

    -Hyosung HALO 2

    -Hyosung 2700CE

    -Triton ARGO



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