Triton Traverse

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Triton Traverse Tritons newest ATM!!! Single 1000 note GenMega dispenser (SDD dispenser optional), 58mm thermal printer, 56k baud modem or TCP/IP, 8 inch LCD...

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Full Description

Designed expressly for the off-premise market, the Triton Traverse ATM unit has a sleek silhouette that protects P.I.N. security and is quick pick lottery capable which provides ATM owners with a faster return on investment. Traverse runs a Windows-based operating systems and communicates with the host via Triton Dynamic Language (TDL) which supports faster processing, feature rich software functionality and smart controls that allow interactive customization.



Height: 56
Width : 15.4
Depth : 19.8


While targeted for lower transaction volume retail markets, the 1700 still contains all the important features you expect including; TDES and ADA compliance, VISA certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice guidance system, LED action indicators including keypad light for dark location. Additionally, the 1700 comes standard with other quality features including the choice of a 5.7 inch Monochrome or Color LCD panel (custom ad screens can be loaded), 56K modem, and an integrated lighted topper.


System: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Software: Triton Dynamic Language (formerly Triton Standard)
Triton Connect (Optional)


Cabinet / Safe: UL 291 Business Hours Cabinet
Lock Options: Manual Lock
Electronic Lock (Optional)
Kaba Mas Cencon 2000 Lock (Optional)
Card Reader: Dip-Style Card Reader
Dip-Style EMV Smart Card Reader (Optional)
Keypad: PCI Compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
Compliance: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Audio Compliance for Visually Impaired
California Access Compliance, Title 24
Canadian Barrier Free Design (CBFD)
Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Additional Security: Digitally Signed Software Updates
Triton Key Management (Optional)

Other Features

LCD/Screen: 8.0" Color LCD
Card Reader: Dip-Style with LED Bars
Keypad: PCI-Compliant
Lock: Dial
Topper: Integrated